Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At Mexico's edge, deported migrants are left in limbo

NOGALES, Sonora - Deportees arrive here each day by the hundreds, desperate and destitute, escorted off buses by U.S. immigration agents and marched across the border into Mexico.

Some limp along in bedraggled clothing, their feet blistered and flesh torn by cactuses and thorns, their soiled faces downcast in defeat and shame. These are the recent crossers who got caught by Border Patrol agents after hours or days in the desert.

Others, clean-cut in American clothes, were captured after years living illegally in the shadows. Many entered the United States as children, when U.S. businesses welcomed their laborer parents and the government looked the other way. They built careers and started families, raising kids who are U.S. citizens.

They dodged the law until politics changed and police cracked down. They were arrested and told they must leave voluntarily or be jailed with no hope of ever gaining legal status.

They are the collateral effect of America's stepped-up immigration enforcement, dividing families and leaving expelled migrants on a fence between Mexico and the United States - between past and future.

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  1. Mexicans should all go to Spain since they value Espaniol very much. Leave USA for the Americans!

  2. why is this our problem? they are here illegally, they need to leave period